The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough Continues Its Winning Streak

Written by Mackenzie Muldoon.

The 2nd Annual Hong Kong Mobile Film Awards celebrated short films from around the globe last week. Awards were handed out for Best Animation, Drama and Documentary categories, and the Canadian entry, The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough, took home the top honours in the Documentary category.

The awards are structured such that representatives from 11 countries, who are involved in the short film industry primarily through festivals or curated online platforms, were asked to submit their top 10 shorts. iThentic was chosen as Canada’s representative for their role in running the ShortsNonStop festival. From this long list of 110 films, the field was whittled down to one film from each nation.

For last week’s awards, the filmmakers (or a representative) of the 11 finalist films were flown to Hong Kong with the film industry representative from their respective country.

Lino DiNallo, who wrote and conceived The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough, was Canada’s representative as the Grand Prize winner of the most recent cycle of the ShortsNonStop. He attended the event along with Lisa Baylin, VP of Content & Production at iThentic. Though the film leans more towards the ‘mockumentary’ tag, it still managed to win top honours in the Best Documentary category and DiNallo came home with some pretty heavy hardware, which he plans to share with the Toronto based Production Company who produced the short, the Corner Store. Congratulations to all involved!

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