Earth911′s GREENYRLIFE Interview


Environment resource site Earth911 caught up with iThentic Chair and Co-Founder, Catherine Tait, to discuss our new social change game for Facebook, GreenYrLife. Earth911 is an online resource for individuals looking to reducing their impact on the environment by reusing the things they have and recycling the rest – topics that are central to the gameplay, video content and social elements

GreenYrLife Screenshot

in GreenYrLife, which can be played for free here.

The site was drawn to the game because, as they say, “we’re all about environmental education with a dose of entertainment as well.” However, as experts in the field, Earth911 have seen the full spectrum of environmental change games. They do due diligence in determining what makes GreenYrLife stand-out, which Tait locates in how we at iThentic bring storytelling to the table:

“What we tried to do is make this game, which has a social issue at its core, as entertaining as possible. We hope people in the environmental community will be our first core users and then it will be played in high schools and other educational environments. At its core, it is a Facebook game with some of the similar experiences as others, but the difference is in the video and multiple points of entry to be engaged… Our company is probably best known for narrative-based scripted series, and we’re storytellers at heart. This is more of an educational, factual-based digital product, but we felt if we could bring our storytelling skills to the challenge, we could advance the conversation on reversing climate change.”

Read the full interview here and start Greening Yr Life!

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