New sci-fi web series ANXIETYVILLE premieres!

Anxietyville is a brand new, darkly comic web series about a group of urban neurotics linked together in a web of technology-accelerated paranoia… which is validated once they make a shocking discovery. Equal parts love story and mystery, Anxietyville looks at surveillance, cyber sex and finding the right brand of deodorant in a virtual city on the verge of destruction.

The series is using Vimeo’s hybrid VOD model, offering the first four episodes for free, while the remaining six episodes or feature film version of the story can be rented or purchased on the platform. There also exists a companion game, Consumer Hell, available on iOS. Watch the first four episodes of the series below:

Directed by Rob Stefaniuk, Anxietyville tells the story of Ivan, Jordan and Claire, founders of technology start-up, pretEND Media, and developers of an app that allows people to upload their conscious minds into a virtual world. With their financing at an end, the trio enter into a Faustian bargain with an energy drink company that quickly turns their idealized world into a consumer product testing hell. When a deluge of pop cans rains down from the sky — it’s the first hint that their simulated city is under attack by a malicious computer virus, triggering an operating system shutdown and the end of the virtual world.

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