Better Late Than Never - Episode #101

While living at home for a brief time, Malcolm is being driven everywhere he needs to go by his Dad. On the way home from the library, Dad reveals that Malcolm’s mother is… late. He wants to make an emergency stop at the pharmacy, and has a favor to ask Malcolm.

Malcolm has just finished college, and is living with his parents for a few months before teaching ESL overseas. He has no time to get a job, no money to live on his own, and nowhere to go but the suburbs. His father is insistent that Malcolm continue his life as normal, with one catch: unfortunately, he can't borrow Dad's car. Ever. If Malcolm wants to go anywhere, he's totally free to do so, but Dad will be driving. These are the stories of those drives.

Featuring Mark Little from Picnicface and Dan Beirne from The Bitter End.

  • Submitted by: iThentic Com
  • Written by: Mark Little, Dan Beirne
  • Dir. of Photography: Timothy Moore
  • Cast: Mark Little, Dan Beirne
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